25% off World Jiu Jitsu Expo from Vulkan

Vulkan is an official sponsor of the 2013 World Jiu Jitsu Expo and is offering a discount code for 25% off entry tickets. Use coupon code: VULKAN before check out at http://worldjiujitsuexpo.com. Vulkan says this code will work until November 8, 2013.

The World Jiu Jitsu Expo takes place November 9-10, 2013 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The event provides FREE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminars, an open tournament, autograph / Q&A sessions, super fights, vendor booths, and more…

Current super fights include:

  • Caio Terra vs Nam Phan
  • Leandro Lo vs Jake Shields
  • Jon Fitch vs Paulo Miyao
  • Jeff Glover vs Bruno Malfacine
  • Samuel Braga vs Joao Miyao

25% off World Jiu Jitsu Expo

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